Hash Game

Hash Game allows you to push your hardware and software ideas to the limit and set new records in the world of hashing. All you have to do is find a message m such that hash(m) is very small or very large. Being able to efficiently produce such hashes would have a huge impact on both security[1] and proof-of-work based cryptocurrencies[2], such as Bitcoin.
This page is heavly inspired by this page which is sadly no longer available. All the old records have been imported.



Or binary input (base64):

Hashing algorithm:
Hashing game:
  • Min: Find the smallest hash.
  • Max: Find the largest hash.
  • Popcount Min: Find the hash with fewest 1's in the binary representation.
  • Popcount Max: Find the hash with most 1's in the binary representation.
  • Bytesum Min: Find the hash with smallest bytesum.
  • Bytesum Max: Find the hash with largest bytesum.


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Hashing algortihms:

Hashing games:

md5 min000000000000003ea9a295f8a32f15920x69BE027C972021-01-18 13:40:55
md5 min00000000000000a6cd8150ab8748a07aitiv4222020-08-31 07:46:38
md5 min00000000000000d4a49581c7f0638557Jiyong Youn(HLETRD_2016-02-19 15:25:19
md5 min00000000000001fc26fa97c0bfd46deeJiyong Youn(HLETRD)2016-02-16 05:10:15
md5 min0000000000000217059f7c3a36e6402fJiyong Youn(HLETRD)2016-01-01 02:03:30
md5 min00000000000003695b3ae70066f60d42Jiyong Youn(HLETRD)2015-12-05 06:52:04
md5 min000000000000079ad03b44781b4e6c59tjw2014-09-19 13:35:23
md5 min0000000000006c32a237fc882cc44a4bJens Steube2013-02-28 15:49:02
md5 min00000000000277ec3301b3cabacb95c9Jens Steube2013-02-27 15:28:06
md5 min00000000000fb7a0c20e7ef609686c5cCostin Raiu2012-02-22 13:38:04
md5 min0000000000169254badd9ef47d2c30beBoldi2005-01-17 00:02:05
md5 min0000000001f51c0add897e99b5649737boldi2004-12-25 03:16:17
md5 min000000000cabd2fbc72fd03730706856boldi2004-12-13 05:44:21
md5 min000000003517b2cd6400c42cc64947d5boldi2004-12-03 08:09:02
md5 min00000000bc7af7fa9971933e35b5a5c2boldi2004-11-23 20:17:14
md5 min00000003837deffc05b19039f8c95c0dboldi2004-11-23 18:17:35
md5 min00000003b5863e9e7027ed2ee382272bboldi2004-11-22 16:31:13
md5 min00000025f95c82f0ffde244ff959d6f5boldi2004-11-22 15:54:55
md5 min000000301db6c04f65591579c4f0d0ae2004-11-22 15:46:29
md5 min0000004ed38a505260830727a9465eaeboldi2004-11-22 11:11:55
md5 min000000c2a7cdff6affd3f657ce06134aBoldi2004-11-22 03:00:45
md5 min000002e0f13fa92035f6855b0b09f27aBoldi2004-11-22 02:30:48
md5 min0000283151d5ed5a922e967fc7a00bd4Boldi2004-11-22 02:08:40